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A visit to Bangkok!

While my sister Reyna was here in Bangkok for 10 days, I made it a point to take her to Wat Phra Kew, one of the famous Buddhist temples in Bangkok. It is where the Emerald Buddha is, and literally thousands of tourists flock this Buddhist holy ground everyday. Next to this temple is the Royal palace, home of the Royal family. But now this palace is no longer inhabited, since it has become one of the tourist attractions of Bangkok.
We admired the beautiful landscape of the place and how the lawn was neatly trimmed. I wonder if they use zero turn mowers? Although the Grand Palace is closed, we enjoyed taking photos of the grand structure—I feel like I was taken back in time and I have to say, I felt like a princess there. Haha.

Beautifully-manicured lawn of the Grand Palace

I took my sister to the reclining Buddha inside Wat Po, another temple within the vicinity. A visit to Thailand can mean a visit to a million and one temples, and lots of good food to taste! So if you plan to come and visit Amazing Thailand, get your feet ready for lots of walking, put lots of sunscreen on, thicken your purse for some shopping and yes, your tongue for some extra hot and spicy Thai cuisine! After all that, a nice Thai massage can be a perfect way to end your day.