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Safety tips

So far our area here in Bangkok is still free from flooding, thank God. The news would tell us that we are about to be free from this ordeal, but I am not sure if we should already take our things down and get on with normal life– you know, without the sandbags on our gate, and without having to fear that the waters would come to our neighborhood.

The waiting has in itself been an ordeal, but I believe that nothing compares to the anguish the flood refugees are feeling right at this moment.  To be transported to places, being displaced for their homes must be very hard.

So for us who are not yet affected with this flooding, we have had so many safety tips given by the government and  from caring neighbors.  One of which is to buy cord cover and to turn off the main switch of the house in case the waters come gushing in. It is always best to be prepared in case of emergency.

Meantime we are storing as much water as we can.

Water stored in our house, just in case.

Here’s hoping that the city of Bangkok would be flood-free in the coming days, and that the Land of Smiles will really be able to smile again!