Bangkok flooding: the real score

Like many Bangkokians, I too am wondering: where did all these water come from?  Is the whole city of Bangkok really going to be flooded?  Of course with all the changes in the announcements made by public officials over the last 3 weeks, people are really confused.  Areas that were declared to supposedly be safe were flooded in no time.  On the other hand, we were warned that our area was going to be flooded since last week but up until now we are dry and safe here.  So many questions, so little answers.  Then I came across this video.  Now everything seem clearer.  I hope this answered the questions asked by the Thais, too.  When I saw this, I thought, the flooding in Bangkok now makes sense.  It could happen.  So we are bracing ourselves.

This is in Thai, but there is an English sub-title. So hopefully the Bangkok flooding would make more sense to you now, as it did to me when I watched this video.

God bless Bangkok.


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