Remembering Thailand flood ’10

Coming  from Southern Mindanao, Philippines, I have never had any flooding experience in our area growing up. But all that changed when I came to Thailand two years ago. Year after year we would hear about flood stories in different parts of the country. Well, we also have that in the Philippines of course but since our country is an archipelago, we seem to be so far from those typhoon belts, and only read about them in the paper or watch them in the news.

Last year was my first encounter with flooding.  It was a mixed feeling.  I was afraid and yet part of me was excited about the adventure.  Pardon me for saying that a catastrophe could be an adventure, but that’s the truth. LOL! :)

Vacating our place– that’s hubby carrying our bag.

I am sharing with your our flood photos from last year.

 Photos of our neighborhood in LopBuri, Central Thailand

What’s down had to go up..

That’s me on a small boat… inside the black garbage bag are our supplies for the week– off we went to a friend’s house while we waited for the water to subside.

This was last year.  But this year’s flooding was the worst for Thailand.  Many cities and hectares and hectares of agricultural land were submerged in water.  Today we just got news that they are going to divert the water here in the Eastern part of Bangkok.  Yep, that’s where we are.  I will keep you posted guys!  Maybe this time we’ll ride on a yacht.




  1. Lalaine says:

    it’s funny because I just entitled my recent post, Remembering Koh Lipe.. while you’re remembering the flood, I was ‘remembering’ our holiday..hehehe!Ray, ako gihulman 2 of your koh lipe pics from FB ha?… mao ni ako gi link na blog for credits..:)

  2. chubskulit says:

    Oh my Lordie! Every firsts are exciting and nerve wracking depending on the event. I never experienced flod either but tidal wave, yes! And there’s no excitement in tidal waves but pure fear wahhh.. Thanks for joining sis.

  3. Kim,USA says:

    I am from Mindanao too but we have several floods since I was young but not to the point that we have to evacuate and ride a little banca. I hope our place won’t be like this if people will clean up the creeks and plant more trees at the edge of the river or lakes and stop illegal logging ^_^. I never thought Thailand has the same problem as the Philippines. ^_^

    Her Majesty

  4. rachelle says:

    Like what they say on Filipinos, we still smile even during the hardest part in our lives. Haha! That ‘s such an adventure indeed. Hope everything will be fine..
    visiting for Thursday Brownies! :)

  5. imriz says:

    every year flood seem to worsen here in pinas that even those areas that have never experienced flooding went under water. i ahd my friend’s house half submerged in flood water during typhoon pedring.

  6. Raya dear I was thinking.. taga lapa-lapa lang taman ang tubig… wa jud ko ga-expect nga baroto pud diay imung sakyan sa karsada.. waahhh unta safe ra mu diha.. di bale.. social man ang nakasakay sa bangka.. naka shades hehehe… amping mu diha.. :) PS.. pakan-a jud ug tarong si hubby arun naa energy mualsa sa sunod …

  7. Jessica says:

    that must be tough carrying and transferring stuff Mommy Raya, you look cute in that boat :-) visiting for TB, hope that you can visit me back too.

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