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Cuba: an ultimate beach holiday

If you are looking forward to a holiday of just walking miles and miles of scenic beaches, white sand and beautiful sunsets, Cuba is the perfect holiday destination for you.

Of course there are other things you can do in Cuba.  For one, if you are an adventurous, history buff, there are lots of historical places for you to visit and greatly enjoy.  Since Cuba is known for its famous cigars and rums, these famous products of theirs would be worth-checking out as well.  Cuba has a booming craft industry.  Their crafts are making a name, so it would be perfect to bring home some of these famous souvenirs.

For those who want to visit old churches and edifices, Cuba has lots of these to boast, too.  Cuba bustles with life at night. You can just walk on streets, admire the long stretch of beaches and interesting   building structures and be spoiled by Cuban hospitality.

Other things that you can do in Cuba would be do river cruising, swimming with the dolphins, or simply get away from the touristy places and enjoy solace in the countryside.  The building structures in Cuba are very interesting to see.  You would be taken back in time and marvel at the grandeur of the capital city, Havana.

All these beautiful things this paradise has to offer made me want to search online for holidays to Cuba!

Cuba's prestine beaches (photo courtesy of google)


We’re turning 11!

Yes, that’s right!  hubby and I are turning 11 in two months. Last year we wanted to have a romantic dinner in Baiyoke tower, Bangkok’s highest building.  Sadly the plan was not pushed through as we still had classes that time.  We wanted to have a late celebration which was never materialized.

Oh, well… some things never really turn out as planned, but that’s ok.  So where are we going on our 11th anniversary? Honestly I want to go somewhere remote and romantic– like have a Barbados holiday perhaps?

There are actually lots of things to do in Barbados other than basking in the beach and enjoying the sun.  Sailing with the family is one.  These cruises would give you and your family a chance to enjoy the gorgeous view and even stop for snorkling and diving!  It would be great to have an underwater camera, which can be bought in those convenience stores within the island. I am not much of a diver, but I guess I would greatly enjoy the underwater world!

The Barbados wildlife reserve would also be one of the attractions if you come with your family.  For those who have been dreaming how to surf like me,  the Barbados would be the perfect place to learn how to surf.

Those who have been to Barbados would say it is the perfect way to propose or to get married.  Well, since we could not do both, we could maybe enjoy a time of renewing our vows by the beach!  Why not? 11 years is a long time and while other people who got married the same time as us have already decided to call it quits, here we are, still going strong.  It’s enough reason to celebrate, isn’t it?

Long road trips

I don’t want to travel by land so much– especially for long hours. But sometimes we have to have one. Actually we just did. I am thankful that my kids are very good in sleeping when traveling, so they are not much of a hassle. But like me, when they are awake, they get bored easily and ask about the time like every 5 minutes! Haha! :)

I guess if I’d go on a road trip next time it would be less boring if I could listen to music all the way. It would make a huge difference if I’d have wireless headphones. That way I don’t have to worry about taking care of wires (which I am not really good at doing, actually).

I don’t know if we could make it to another trip up north next week. If so, it would take us about 10 hours by bus. We are not sure if the roads are passable with the floods, though. We are still asking around. The best option would be to take the plane, which we cannot afford for now. Well, I guess we will just call that trip off for now.