Archive for February 19, 2011

Family Budget

We just modified our monthly family budget for this year. For the past 9 months the kids are not with us but they would be back here in Thailand in 40 days. Moving to a new place with the family would mean that we need to do some modifications on our old budget.

We are grateful to find a template online on family budget so we would not miss out on some tiny but very important expenses such as vitamins and medicines for emergency cases. I am not a very detailed person so I am so grateful for that ready-made template, making it very much easier for us spend within our budget and not over spend.

Safety first

I know. I have been blogging about my house hunting and house transfer stories for like.. the nth time. It’s because it has been occupying my mind for the last couple of months. I really do not like moving outs much (who does, anyway?) but how many things do we have to do and necessarily like it? Oftentimes there are only a few– our house transfer is sadly one of them.

But I am more looking forward to finally settling down. There are lots of things to consider when finding a good house. Safety comes first, which is sometimes hard to find in downtown Bangkok. It would be ideal to have home automation systems, too.

Well, the proper house hunting AND moving in is not until the following week. For now it’s packing time and I have to tell myself to relax a bit, not to worry too much and just live one day at a time. :)

Dream big

This is our little inventor/ engineer, Roi.  He made this toy plane himself while proudly wearing his “inventor’s hat”.  He is such a talented and techie little kid.  I don’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but for sure he would make a good engineer.  It would be too early to say, but a proud mom like me can’t wait to see our little one wearing a proper hard hat and wear Mechanix gloves, constructing buildings, maybe. Or making real planes? Haha… A mother like me sure is a dreamer.. and when it comes to my children, I dream big. Do you?