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Historic LopBuri

When I first came to Lopburi , ruins of structures made out of bricks really caught my attention. During our field trip last Saturday, my questions were finally answered. We did a quick field trip around this historic city and I would like to share to you what I have learned.

During the reign of Kingn Narai (where the capital city of Thailand was still Ayutthaya and the country was still called “Siam”), there were French, Spanish and Portugese traders who came to the country. The presence of these “farangs” or foreigners became complicated for the king, so he set up another palace in LopBuri the next city nearby. The advantage of having another palace and second capital city established here is that LopBuri does not have a seashore so it would be hard for the farangs to come since they could not dock anywhere, something that they can easily do in Ayutthaya.

Some ancient ruins of temples and “chedis” where they put bones of the members of the royal family who died.

We did not get inside these three temples.  There is nothing there except the monkeys.  Hundreds of monkeys live in that old temple.  You can see that the design is very much of Cambodian influence.  They have seen relics and images there which are now transferred to the LopBuri museum.

The people here in LopBuri consider the monkeys holy and have helped prosper the city.  They believe that there is a strong spirit here in LopBuri, which are being guarded by the monkeys.  So to feed and to honor the monkeys would also please that spirit.

Our tour guide took us to this “compound” where a Greek man used to live with his family. History tells us that this guy became King Narai’s right hand and has found so much favor with the royal family.  As a trader, his skill in business was admired by King Narai.  He was given this compound for him and his family to live in.

This used to be a hall where he would receive foreign guests.

That man was believed to be a Christian and even had a Christian church built for him and his followers.

A portion of his house..

The kitchen… with big ovens.  He was married to a Japanese who wanted to cook many delicacies which until now are quite famous in Thailand.

Just trying to get into this ancient gigantic house… I feel like I was taken back in time! :)

Now finally, the palace.  This is the hall where they received guests and held banquets in.

According to the map, this is where they stored their treasures.  They are 12 tiny halls.  Wow, they had that much treasure back then? Interesting.

Here’s a closer shot of the treasure halls.

This palace gate has been re-constructed.  The “Narai festival” is going to be on the 16th of this month, in honor of King Narai.  This whole place will be decorated with lights.

This is a statue of King Narai.  People offer fresh flowers here everyday.

This is where King Narai would talk to the people.  No one would look up to see his face. All the people below would bow down as he spoke.

King Narai was a lover of flowers.  This used to be his garden.  History has it that this place was filled with beautiful orchids.

King Narai was believed to be poisoned by his half brother who later succeeded in taking the kingdom after his (King Narai’s) death.  Sad story.  Remember that Greek guy whom he was so fond of? He was killed as well after being imprisoned for years.

Sorry my long story had to end with a tragedy. It is no doubt that King Narai is one of the most loved kings and people still honor him greatly to this day.




My entry to:


Over the Christmas break LLC had a “make-over”… sharing with you some photos so  the next time you come over and visit you won’t get lost. Haha!! it’s not that big a make-over, really.

This used to be the study room in the second floor where I used to study at.  It is now divided into two rooms for two teachers, Khruu Wi on the right side and Khruu Aey (a new teacher from Phrasiri church)– he is a “he” by the way… so it’s good,right?  LLC has not had a male teacher since Phii Bouy left a few years ago (or so I heard).

Let’s go up to the third floor.  You will be greeted with this same sign that has been there for I don’t know how long.  I don’t study here, but I have to admit this is indeed a fun study room.  Now, though, it has become sooooo quiet… students are soooooo diligent and everyone’s really studying!!!  Someone says the silence is a bit scary. Haha! :)

Students studying at the second floor study room have  to study here now– Khruu Wi’s former room.  Just yesterday I noticed this sign posted on the door.  Haha!! MORE FUN STUDY ROOM!! I wish I could agree but there’s just me and Joey and Lee Anne who was studying for her second year exam, and Musica from Hongkong.  Joey and I are only here until the end of the month and Lee Anne is leaving in two week’s time. So, nah,it’s not really more fun to be here.  The silence scares me too!  :)

Everything else in LLC is the same– and oh, if you expect to be greeted by Khruu Wan’s beautiful smile, she is no longer here.  She is working in Pitsanulook.  Khuruu Fiat has taken over her room.  I heard there is another teacher coming this month.

So as I said, Joey and I are only here up to the end of this month.  It’s a mixed feeling, actually.  I will miss Lopburi.  It would be weird not to be going to Shiloh on Tuesdays and Saturdays, I would miss riding on Peter’s rusty bike and wearing my 2-kilo helmet, or hurrying not to be late at an 8 o’clock class.

But I have to admit I am more excited about finding our place out there– in Bangkok where  God has called us to be.  My heart dances at the thought that we would be looking for a house, make everything ready for the kids’ coming at the end of next month.  I was counting the days last night and I thought there’s only 52 days left, but actually there’s still 53.  Whatever… everyday is another day closer to holding my two precious sweethearts.

This is Raya reporting from LLC, Lopburi– thank you all for being a part of our journey here.  สู้สู้, guys!!