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I have known the legendary Clint Eastwood to be a cowboy wearing faded jeans, boots a cowboy hat and some humidors. I guess that’s the first image that comes to my mind when I think of Eastwood. Of course one of Hollywood’s greatest actor-directors could easily shift roles from being a villain to a hero.

I have yet to see “Hereafter”, Eastwood’s latest film direction. Somehow “near-death” experiences really interest me. Rarely do we see films that talk about this. Some friends of mine watched it here in Bangkok and said it was good. I mean, for once there is a Hollywood film that talks about the reality of death, right?

Hello, health!

I finally went to the gym today… and got to play badminton with a friend and hubby. I am so impressed at how the Thai government people to play some sport and stay healthy. For instance for the gym and badminton court we went to, we only had to pay 10 Baht (that’s around 35 US cents)! We got to use the treadmill and all the sports equipment for such a price. Yes, I have finally resolved to be sporty. I know it’s kind of late in life, but I really think it’s the need of the hour.

Hubby also has to lower down his blood pressure so he would need lots of exercise for that. Healthy diet is of course a given. It’s a challenge to be hospitalized here, though… many times communication could be a major problem. But in the big international hospitals in Bangkok, most doctors usually speak English. The nurses? hmm, only quite a few. I think that jobs in health care should also hire people who have good English skills, as more and more English speaking people are coming to the land of smiles. There is nothing as miserable as being stuck in a hospital, sick and you cannot talk to anybody, right?

Hubby playing badminton with our Japanese friend

Lopburi Zoo

Hubby and I decided to visit Lopburi zoo.  We have been here for 6 months already and somehow we have not fully explored this small city in Central Thailand yet.  We will be moving to Bangkok very soon, so we thought that the zoo would be a good place to start exploring.  We pass by this lake within the zoo compound from time to time, and finally,  I have ridden in one of these swan rides! Yay!

we got to feed some fishes here, too.

this hard-working monkey means business.this dude loved to pose…

I feel sorry when I see these amazing creatures, supposedly the king of the wild being caged, though.

It was a wonderful day with hubby.  I also had the chance to practice riding the motorbike on the zoo grounds.  Hubby was so engrossed in teaching me how to ride he forgot to take photos when I finally drove that thing on my own! :)