Ako ay Pilipino

Our teachers in the “Missionary Life” subject were quite concerned about our stress points being so high– maybe too high. We had this questionnaire where we answered the frequency of changes (eating habits, transfer of residence, family events, financial instability) and other things, to measure our stress points. We misunderstood so many questions, which explained the very high points we had. But still, when we changed all that, our scores tripled the “danger” zone… which means that we are actually over stressed.

I personally think that being Filipino is great. We have been through a lot in life. We have weathered earthquakes, storms, financial hardships, uncertainties for so long a time. Probably for as long as we can remember. Being here with co-missionaries, I am so blessed to see the beauty and the blessing of our “brokenness”. While most people cannot probably endure the stress points we have accumulated, here we are… laughing, sailing our way through the course despite the many uncertainties that lie ahead. We are to be enrolled in a language school and we are sure we can pay maybe the first two months tuition but we have no certainty where to get the rest. But we have proven God to be faithful in all things. There is no way ( i don’t know if we have such small faith?) that we could ever raise everything we need for the entire year of stay here in Thailand. There is no way we could ever be compared with our co-missionaries here. But like I said, that brokenness for me, has made us stand out.

Ako ay Pilipino– I am a Filipino. The Philippines may be ridiculed by many to be a nation of domestic helpers and prostitutes. A nations who, year after year experiences a massive exodus of people to other nations because life in our country is hard… my heart bleeds when I think of it. But on the other hand, I see Filipinos to be the most creative, most adaptable, most multi-lingual, most down-to-earth people on earth, brought about by that brokenness I talked about earlier. I am a Pilipino… I boast of nothing but our God, and my brokenness has brought that trust out of me. Mabuhay tayo!

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