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Why givers are blessed

The principle of giving and receiving have been very real to me since we have been preparing to come to Thailand and now that we are already in the field. I have been a Christian for 20 years now and I did have quite a few exciting stories about giving and receiving in return.

Giving away quite a number of cellphones not because we have lots of them but because God stirred up a burden in our hearts to do so, blessing people with money when we were struggling with finances ourselves… sometimes it sounded strange to people and maybe some would think we were totally out of our minds. The realization that everything we have in this life is not actually ours– Somebody entrusted them to us, and when He says we give, we should. There is a grim reality that even the air that we breathe is just borrowed-so why can we claim to have rights with what we have and own? We have experienced being blessed with an LCD projector, musical instruments for the ministry, and countless others. Each time was tear-jerking… amazing moments. God does use people to meet our needs as we have been used to meet others’.

Now in Thailand, a deeper revelation of God as a Father has sinked in our hearts. A Father like our God does not allow His children to go hungry, He does not allow them to suffer shame and disgrace. He is a loving, caring, providing Father. He does allow some trials to shape us and make us cling to Him more, but He does not laugh at our tears. He understands, He embraces and He heals.

So what is the reason why givers are blessed? For me, in my finite mind and reason, it is because it is the nature of God to give. When we give, we become like Him in ways more than one– selfless, sacrificing. Givers are blessed because the recipient of the blessing does not forget to mention their donors in prayers. Being in that position of receiving for months now is humbling… but all the more we realize that is not about us. It has never been. It will always be all about HIM, and this job is to be done in partnership, by givers and by recipients who are in the very forefront of this darkened land where, for now, there is little light… yet.