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Children’s Playroom

Irene and I decorated the church children’s playroom yesterday. We have been assigned to take care of small children during the worship service. The ages of these kids would range from 2-5 years old. It was so good she bought very nice wall decors. We were also able to buy two tables and 4 chairs from the Muangthong Thani fare.. Look, I made this poster!Irene gave me those cutie pictures of children at the bottom. I loved making those tiny flowers and grass at the bottom part.

It was fun decorating that room, and we had a wonderful sharing about married life, pregnancy, and a lot of other things over a cup of noodles for lunch. Irene is getting married next year. I am glad the kids loved their new hang out today.I could only wish Ria and Jez’ room would be this nice, or they can have at least a nicely-decorated playroom like this. But for now, they can hang out in the church anytime. The blocks would definitely enhance Jez’ creative mind and Ria’s artistic ability. To be honest, I would love to hang out here myself!=)