Jesus– the Goer?

A friend of mine asked me if I believed that we are in the last days.  I jokingly answered, if the Apostle Paul said he was living in the last days back then, then I cannot imagine what he would call our days.  Do I believe?  Absolutely! She went on to tell me that Jesus was showing Himself in visions amongst people groups who have no access to the gospel.  I have heard of stories and watched a DVD about those stories, too.  I mean, that is amazing!  On the other hand, I was asking the question.  Could it be that Jesus is showing Himself because everyone else was either afraid or hesitant to go?  Could it be that He was making the job easier for us?  Surely He cannot be going there every week for a cell group meeting, can he?  Could this be a wake up call to the church that there is a world out there– hungry, longing, and open to the Father’s love?  I thought He cried out on the cross, “It is finished”– he was crucified, now interceding for us, and now, He becomes a Goer?  Do you think He is doing the dirty job for Himself– something that we were commanded to do.. something that we should be doing ourselves?


  1. pingkai says:

    yeah, now, “ako na pud!”

  2. karen says:


  3. karen says:

    mao jud bok!

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