“Overcomer” by Mandisa

Don’t you just love music that lifts up your weary heart? That’s what I feel when I heard Mandisa’s “Overcomer.”

Here’s a youtube link of her music video:

Don’t quit, don’t give in…
You’re an overcomer!

Be encouraged today, you are an overcomer through Him who loves you and gave Himself up for you!

Music-Filled Home

We all love music in our house. Hubby usually turns on the Christian FM early in the morning to wake us up. The good thing about it is that we all the same type of music!

This summer we are planning to enroll the kids in music classes. Ria wants to learn the piano. If her schedules would work out, we would love her to be enrolled in voice lessons, too. I have yet to ask their teacher if they accept adult learners because if they are, I might enroll myself and our music team members, too. :)

Going back to our music-filled home, I am really glad that our kids are so into music. We don’t have cheap genz-benz amps from guitar center yet but that’s something that we want to purchase in the near future.

Valentine’s Dinner 2014

I really enjoyed Valentine’s 2014. Our church organized this event for couples– we had dinner at church while watching “Fireproof” the movie starring Kirk Cameron.

We also had fun activities for couples. I will post photos soon, maybe on my other blog with photos. Back to that dinner date, we wished we had liquid repellent tablecloth because they’re a lot easier to clean. Anyway, we hired a caterer for the food and they brought their own tablecloths so cleaning them up was not our problem anymore.

I am looking forward to another dinner date next year. :)

How about you? How did you spend Valentine’s 2014?